How are you? 如何回答?

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How are you? 如何回答?

Tina asks whether her boss really wants to know how she is. Neil and Li explain how to answer "How are you?" in a British way.


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The question "how are you?" seems to be straightforward, but what is the correct way to answer?

"I work in a foreign company and my boss speaks English. Usually I greet him by saying "hello". And he responds as "hi, how are you today?" I know he asked due to politeness and didn't really want to know what I am feeling. Can you please help me?"

Tina Xu, China

Perhaps you are feeling terrible, but should you tell the person who asked what your real feelings are?

Remember that sometimes the cultural aspect of language use is just as important as speaking accurately.

Listen to Neil tell Li a few too many details about his private life and learn how British people respond to the question "How are you?"

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