Potatoes 土豆

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Audio: Potatoes 土豆

A Q&A programme about potatoes.


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"Hello I'm Lei En. I am from Shanghai. I have a question about food. I think British people love eating potatoes and I have heard many different words for this vegetable. Could you tell me some of the common words meaning potatoes please?"

Lei En

Potatoes are very versatile - they can be cooked in many different ways.

You sometimes hear them called 'spuds' in British English.

Spuds are versatile 多样化的,有多种用途的,这可是个有用的单词 versatile.

How do you like to eat your potatoes? British people love chips and crisps.

There are many different ways potatoes can be prepared: crisps 薯片,chips 薯条,roasted 抹了油再烤,fried 油炸或炒, baked 烘烤的,boiled 水煮的,mashed potatoes 把土豆先煮熟 and even grated 磨碎了的。

In this episode of Question and Answer of the Week, Alice and Helen discuss Lei En's question and talk about ways of preparing potatoes.

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