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A Q&A programme about the use of the word 'since' followed by clause.


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"I'm quite confused about the meaning when the word 'since' introduces a clause. What do the following sentences mean? "I've known her since I've lived here", "I've known her since I arrived here." And could you show some more examples for a better understanding? Many thanks!"


A lot of English words have different meanings. The word 'since' is one of them.

'Since' can be used as a conjunction to introduce a noun, a phrase or a clause indicating time. 'Since' can also be used as a preposition meaning 'because' or 'as' to give a reason.

Can you identify the meaning and/ or use of 'since' in each of the following sentences?

  • Since it was Sunday, I stayed in bed longer.
  • Since he arrived, everything has been different.
  • We have been friends since 1995.
  • We decided to stay indoors since it was raining.
  • I've known her since I arrived here.
  • Since it's the Chinese New Year I took her to a Chinese restaurant.

If you are not sure, please join Yang Li for a comprehensive lesson packed with examples, translations and the answers.

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