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  • Olympic rings
    It has a ring to it 非常吸引人的! Events have been taking place in Britain as part of the countdown 倒计时 to the Olympic Games. This week, a barge 平底拖船 carried giant Olympic rings on the river Thames in London. On the background, the Old Naval College at Greenwich.
  • Laser rainbow projection over Whitley Bay
    Seeing things in a new light 新视角/新眼光! New York-based artist Yvette Mattern showed this stunning 漂亮精彩的 laser rainbow projection over Whitley Bay, England. The Global Rainbow has previously lit up 照亮了 the skies of Germany, France and the United States.
  • Cyclist Adam Flint
    Cyclist Adam Flint, attached to a bungee rope, pedals off 单车蹦极跳跃 the Garry Bridge near Pitlochry in Scotland. The stunt 特技表演 was to promote cycling in the area.
  • Suspended desk
    All worked up 字面意思是高悬空中,含义是为某事搞得很激动! An entrepreneur who runs a small market strategy 市场策略 business took up a challenge 挑战 from O2 communications to show you can work anywhere with the right technology.
  • Members of the In and Out club
    Members of the In and Out club, one of London's oldest private members' clubs 私人俱乐部 raise their bowler hats 圆顶硬礼帽 as they prepare to march around St James's Square. The club was celebrating its 150th anniversary.
  • Naked supported escorted off pitch in Scotland
    Naked passion (赤裸裸)满腔热情! A French supporter was escorted off 被人带走 by officials after running onto the pitch during their Six Nations rugby union international match between Scotland and France at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Hot air balloon
    Flight crews got busy inflating the Palletways Dragon hot air balloon 热气球 using a propane burner at Ashton Court, Bristol, to mark the start of the International Bristol Balloon Fiesta 100 club. Unfortunately due to weather this balloon did not fly.

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