This week in the British Isles 本周英伦

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  • Penguin, Edinburgh Zoo
    Hallo there! A gentoo penguin says goodbye to his enclosure 围场 before being moved to a new home 新家 within the Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.
  • Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe
    Is she or isn't she?! This is Marilyn Monroe impersonator 模仿者 Suzie Kennedy, attending 出席 an exhibition in London to mark the 50th anniversary of the actress' death.
  • Diana's Dress
    Twice as nice! An evening dress designed by Catherine Walker and worn by Princess Diana on an official visit 正式访问 to Thailand in 1988, is on display 陈列 in the newly-refurbished 新装修的 Kensington Palace.
  • Kensington Palace
    This is a view of the entrance hall 大厅 of Kensington Palace, which will be reopen to the public for Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 六十周年加冕庆典。
  • London Eye
    London has been preparing to receive a large number 很多 of tourists in the next few months due to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the Olympic Games. The London Eye is bound to carry many people to its highest point 最高点, 135 metres above the ground.
  • Wellington Barracks
    A soldier of the Scots Guard band plays at Wellington Barracks 兵营 in London, where details 细节 of the uniforms to be used at the Diamond Jubilee have been announced.
  • Tributes to Patrice Muamba
    Well-wishers 祝福者 left tributes 颂词 for Bolton Wanderers' football player Fabrice Muamba at the Reebok Stadium in England. Midfielder Muamba, 23, remains in intensive care 重病监护室 after suffering a cardiac arrest 心搏停止 in the FA Cup tie at Tottenham.

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