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  • tatooed arm
    Remembering the Titanic. Derek Chambers from Belfast welcomed a memorial cruise ship with open arms 张开双臂,表示热烈欢迎。With 1,309 passengers aboard, the cruise organizers have tried to recreate 重现 the onboard experience, from the food to a band playing music from that era. But unlike 100 years ago, there will be no sinking this time.
  • rose
    Friends and family of descendants 后代子孙 of those who died when the RMS Titanic sank throw flowers at Southampton Dock during a Centenary Memorial. The RMS Titanic set sail 开船 from this area and sank after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic on the night of April 14, 1911 with the loss of 1517 lives.
  • Olympic merchandise
    Alien invasion 外星人入侵地球? No, this is the Olympic merchandise 产品 on display in Oxford Street, as the retailers 零售商 announce the launch of official London 2012 merchandise shops in their stores.
  • The Serpentine Gallery
    Food for thought 引人深思的东西。A solo exhibition 个人艺术展 of works by German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann opened at the Serpentine Gallery in central London. Feldman is a collector of curious items 稀奇古怪的东西 and among the works displayed is a wall of images of a bath before and after its use and food.
  • Scotland
    The Piping Live Glasgow International Piping Festival and the World Pipe Band Championships were launched 发起,开始 this week at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Around 40,000 visitors and 8,000 performers are expected to attend 到场参观 the events in Glasgow in August.
  • polar bears
    Will it be a bear hug 紧紧地拥抱? Walker (left), the polar bear, meets with new male companion Arktos at the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie, Scotland. Arktos arrived from Hannover Zoo in Germany on 4 April to be a companion to the Park's resident polar bear Walker. There is hope that the bears will establish a relationship of friendly competitiveness 友谊竞争。
  • The White Cliffs of Dover
    One of the new Royal Mail stamps celebrating UK landmarks 地标性建筑 is projected 投影到 on the White Cliffs of Dover, the gateway to Great Britain. The set of 14 stamps will include the Stirling Castle, the Tyne Bridge and York Minster.

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