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更新时间 2012年 6月 29日, 星期五 - 格林尼治标准时间13:16
  • With just one month to go until the start of the London 2012 Games, a giant set of Olympic rings is lowered into position atop the iconic 标志性的 Tower Bridge in London. The rings are fully retractable 可全部伸缩的 to allow large boats to pass through the bridge.
  • Making history: Queen Elizabeth II and former IRA commander Martin McGuinness shake hands for the first time, in what was seen as a ground-breaking 开创性的/具有划时代意义的 moment in Anglo-Irish history. Mr McGuinness is now Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister.
  • Spectators wear traditional headwear 传统草帽 during the second day of Henley Royal Regatta 亨利皇家赛舟会。 The annual event, which began in 1839 at Henley-on-Thames, is the highlight of the social calendar 社交活动日历 for rowers and locals alike.
  • Going nowhere fast! A man stands on a stranded 搁浅 car in flood waters, after torrential downpours caused flash flooding 暴雨引起的洪水泛滥 on Tyneside, northern England.
  • Many homes were flooded during the summer storm, which lasted for several hours. These local residents used buckets 水桶 to attempt to empty the water from their homes.
  • The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships got underway this week. In a thrilling 激动人心的 game, two-time Wimbledon champion 冠军 Rafael Nadal was defeated 被击败 by the Czec Republic’s Lukas Rosol, who is ranked 100th in the world.
  • Fire and ice! Famous British ice skaters 溜冰运动员 Torvill and Dean carry the Olympic torch in the National Ice Centre as the relay makes its way through Nottingham. The torch is travelling 8,000 miles around the United Kingdom over 70 days.
  • “Lest we forget.” A trail of poppies 罂粟花 is dropped over Green Park, London, from a Lancaster bomber 轰炸机 as an act of remembrance 怀念/纪念 during the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial. The Queen unveiled the £6m memorial to the 55,573 airmen of the Bomber Command who died during World War II.

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