This week at the Olympics 本周奥运

更新时间 2012年 8月 3日, 星期五 - 格林尼治标准时间14:48
  • China’s Olympic sensation Ye Shiwen stormed to victory 一举夺魁 in women’s 200-meter individual medley swimming 个人混合泳 final at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park.
  • US swimmer Michael Phelps is now the most decorated 得奖牌最多的 Olympian ever with 20 medals. He picked up gold in the 200m individual medley and became the only male athlete to win the same event in three consecutive 连续的 Olympics.
  • The spectators at the basketball arena were treated to energetic dance routines from the US cheerleaders. Some of the more daring moves 惊险动作 draw gasps and rapturous applause 热烈的掌声 from the audience.
  • Zara Philips, the Queen’s grand-daughter became the first royal to win a medal at an Olympic event. She took part in the equestrian 马术的 team competition and came away with a silver medal. At the relatively young age 相对比较年轻的年龄 for horse riders, of 31, she still has many years of sporting career left in her.
  • Bradley Wiggins is the golden boy 大红人 of British cycling, having just clinched the Tour De France 环法自行车赛title days earlier, he came back with a vengeance 卷土重来 to win the men’s individual time trial cycling event at the Olympics.
  • Diving is a sport that demands 需要 precision 精确, and these two Chinese athletes Chen Ruolin (front) and Wang Hao performed their dive to perfection, even more amazing as they had to synchronise 同步 with each other.

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