This week in the British Isles 本周英伦图辑

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Pictures of the week

  • steam engine
    The Brits are fascinated by steam engines 蒸汽机车, this powerful beast Dwight D Eisenhower arrived at Peel Port in Liverpool after a long ocean journey and will be part of an exhibition at the National Railway Museum. (Photo by PA)
  • London transport museum
    At the London Transport Museum, visitors are transported back in time 回到过去。 Some of these old bangers 老车 date back to the late 19th century. (Photo by Getty)
  • Abba wax figures
    Are they real? Look again! These are 70s pop band ABBA’s wax 蜡像 double 替身。 Each figure costs 150,000 pounds and took four month to create. (Photo by Getty)
  • rain art exhibition
    Feel like a bit of instant rain? Then visit this Rain Room art installation 艺术装置 at London’s Barbican Centre. The sensors 感应器will make sure you are in for a splash. (Photo by Getty)
  • Judges wearing wigs
    Order! Order! The high court judges 法官gather 聚集in Westminster Abbey to mark the start of the legal year. (Photo by Getty)
  • Michael Phelps
    Who is this man? It’s Michael Phelps, the swimming sensation swapped 替换 the pool for a golf club 高尔夫球杆 in Scotland, in full disguise 掩饰 with sunglasses, a woolly hat and matching beard. (Photo by Getty)
  • goat race
    Never under estimate animal power! These youngsters were in for a bit of shock when their goats decided to run for gold 为夺标冲刺 at the Falmouth Goat Race. (Photo by AP)

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