Home truths 事情的真相

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The Tip Top Trading team in a pub

Audio: The language for keeping things professional 让交谈保持职业性

An English at Work programme about maintaining professionalism


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Episode 28: Keeping your conversation professional 保持话题职业性

Tip Top Trading's big boss, Mr Socrates, has announced a new strategy to sell plastic fruit to Europe and, hopefully, keep the company afloat. But, before the real work begins, it's time for him to enjoy some good English hospitality at the pub. But after drinking a few pints of beer, Mr Socrates says things he shouldn't.


伦敦团队请 Mr Socrates 去了哪家酒吧?

Glossary 词汇

This week's programme focuses on tactfully telling your Boss to keep the conversation professional.

Phrases from the programme:

It's not appropriate to talk like that


Could we change the subject please? 让我们换个话题吧!

Can we keep our conversation professional please? 我们不谈其他的,还是谈工作吧!


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