Anna's decision 安娜的决定

更新时间 2013年 9月 9日, 星期一 - 格林尼治标准时间10:17

Has Anna made a decision about the promotion and the marriage proposal?


English at Work: ep 62: Anna's decision: 9 September 2013


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Episode 62: Language to announce your decision 宣布决定时使用的短语

English at Work is back for one week only! You may remember Anna, Tip Top Trading's newest and brightest sales executive, who was offered a promotion and a marriage proposal at the same time. She's taken time out to think about her reply but everyone in the office really misses her but not for much longer.


Anna 让 Tom 做什么?

Phrases from the programme 本节目中出现的短语:

I have had some head space and a chance to chew things over.

I've come to a final decision.

I'll give it a go.

You won't regret your decision.


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