Wake up and smell the coffee! 清醒点儿吧!

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Jen: Hi I」m Jen and with me today is Li. Did you get my text message this morning?

Li: Hi Jen, yes I did, and I」ve brought everything you mentioned.

Jen: What, I didn」t ask you for anything?

Li: <ignoring Jen> 瞧我給你帶來了這個鬧鐘,我還給你做了一壺新鮮的咖啡 – would you like a cup?

Jen: Er… No thanks… But Li, I didn」t tell you to bring anything today.

Li: But you did! 你看這不是你發給我的短信嗎? –你說 <pushing buttons on phone>: 「The boss asked to see you in his office… I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee!」…

Jen: Yes…but…

Li: 沒錯吧?一醒來就能聞到咖啡味兒, to show him I can wake up and smell the coffee.

Jen: I didn」t mean it literally. When we say 「wake up and smell the coffee」 in English, it means that you need to pay attention because you」re missing something that」s really obvious.

Li: 所以當你告訴我要 "wake up and smell the coffee," 這句話的時候你的意思是我要清醒點兒,對嗎?

Jen: Exactly. Let」s hear some examples:

Wake up and smell the coffee – she doesn」t want to go out with you!

My girlfriend wants me to buy her some diamond earrings, but I」ve got no money! She really needs to wake up and smell the coffee!

Li: 看來這位女朋友需要知道他的男友買不起她想要的耳環,對嗎? "wake up and smell the coffee".

Jen: Now you」ve got it!

Li: Ok, so in your text message you said that I need to wake up and smell the coffee because the boss wants to see me?

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Image caption Why does Jen ask Li to wake up and smell the coffee?

Jen: Yeah…

Li: 那你的意思是我清醒點兒,對什麼東西清醒點兒?

Jen: Think about it… he said he loves your work, he is always talking about how talented you are, how he wants to reward his staff… wake up and smell the coffee, Li!

Li: 我還是不明白你到底是什麼意思呢?

Jen: I mean I think he」s going to give you a pay rise.

Li: Really! Wow, that would be fantastic! I never would have thought I」d get a pay rise, he must think I」m really good!

Jen: Well, don」t forget me if you suddenly become really rich.

Li: Of course I won」t forget you.

Jen: You can buy me something nice.

Li: I」ll tell you what – I」ll buy you a coffee!