Protect koalas 媒体英语:保护树袋熊

Phil Mercer, BBC News

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Image caption Conservationists estimate there are about 100,000 koalas in the wild.

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動物保護人士呼籲澳大利亞政府把樹袋熊列入國家一級保護動物。自然資源保護主義人士擔心由於疾病,氣候改變及生態環境的破壞讓樹袋熊步入絕種的危機。請聽BBC記者Phil Mercer的報道。

The number of koalas in Australia is unclear but conservationists estimate there are about 100,000 in the wild.

They believe that the population is continuing to fall because of various threats, including a disease that causes blindness and infertility. The building of homes and roads is also eating away at their habitat.

The Australian government is being urged to declare the koala a threatened or endangered animal. This would give federal authorities the power to protect these furry marsupials from development.

The Environment Minister Tony Burke has asked a panel of experts for more information detailing areas where koala populations are in trouble. He is expected to make a final decision in the next couple of months.