In at the deep end 从难入手

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Image caption Qin Kai of China competes in the men's 3 metre springboard semi-final in the FINA Diving World Series 2012 in Dubai. Photo by Karim Sahib.


如果你被形容為In at the deep end 意思就是在你沒有任何經驗的情況下被置於一種很難的地位或很棘手的工作中。


Our Boss thinks the best way to introduce staff to the job is to throw them in at the deep and see how they cope.

Good old John, it's his first day at college and he's decided to dive in at the deep end and take charge of the football team.


In deep water 是另一個英語短語,意思是你遇到了麻煩,很可能是棘手的大麻煩。

If we can't pay the money to the bank we're going to be in deep water.

I've got to pass this exam to get in to university otherwise I'll be in deep water.