In the pink 身著粉色

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Models wearing white dresses and pink wigs on a catwalk.

Models in the Celia Kritharioti Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show at One Mayfair on March 20, 2012. Photo by Gareth Cattermole.



The colour pink is increasingly associated with girls in the UK. Over the last 10 -15 years, more and more children's toys and clothes are segregated into the 'gender-specific' colours of pink and blue. There are different theories about why this might be happening. There is also a campaign to stop the trend; a group has been set up which opposes what they call the "pinkification of girlhood". It is called Pink Stinks.

在英國粉紅色會令人聯想起女孩。在過去的 10 15 年來,越來越多的兒童玩具和服裝都以粉紅色和藍色來區分性別。為什麼會出現這種情況呢?有很多不同的理論。同時也有不少人提出抗議,反對以粉紅色作為女性的象徵,這個反對組織的名字叫 Pink Stinks 粉紅色臭臭 '

In the pink 的意思是身體健康。


I've had a rough few months, but I'm happy to say that I'm back in the pink of health again.

She's 87 but she's still in the pink!

Our profits are down on last year's but we're optimistic that by year-end we'll be in the pink again.


Tickled pink 意思是感覺非常榮幸或高興。

He was tickled pink to be chosen to meet the company president.

Thanks so much for sending the flowers – I was tickled pink!


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