Mass Disaffection 被迫更改故事结局

英語學習點: 不滿意 Vocabulary: Being disgruntled

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Image caption Will the manufacturer issue new endings of the game?

The game manufacturer Bioware has announced that it will release further content for Mass Effect 3, following complaints from disgruntled users.

The final part of the Mass Effect trilogy was released at the start of this month to great critical acclaim.

But it didn't take long for gamers to voice their displeasure at the game's endings. Fans were up in arms that although they were able to tailor the game by making over a thousand decisions, there were only three basic plot endings.

The backlash soon gathered pace on internet forums and microblogging sites. A campaign for a new endings even raised more than $70,000 (441,000 yuan) for charity. Cheesed-off gamer Sebastian Sobczyk told the BBC: "They just completely destroyed the whole game for us. If I wanted to get my soul crushed, I could just turn on the TV and put the news on." After three weeks of taking the flak, Bioware appeared to cave in yesterday. In a blog post, the co-founder and general manager of the company Ray Muzyka said that the peeved-off players would be provided with a number of "game content initiatives" to get "further closure" on the story.

Mr Muzyka also urged fans to keep their feedback constructive. He warned whingers Bioware wouldn't "support or respond to destructive commentary". It remains to be seen exactly what form these "game content initiatives" will take. No manufacturer has issued completely new endings after a game's release before, but it looks like nothing short of that will appease these fans. This certainly seems to be one story that will end in a way of their choosing.