Loved ones 深爱的人

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Image caption A memorial service for 15 children and two adults, all of whom died in a coach crash on March 13 in Switzerland. Photo by Yorick Jansens.


Loved one 一般用於我們過世的親人或最好的朋友。


Some families never adjust to the loss of a loved one.

You will be able to bid a final farewell to your loved one at the funeral.


和其他語言一樣,在提到死亡時,人們會仔細考慮用什麼樣英語表達和詞匯。人們往往用比較委婉的表達比如 to pass away 或者是 pass on 來表示某人已經過世了,口語中人們一般不用 die 這個詞來直說死亡。

It has been five years since my mother passed on.

She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's passing.