High time 怎么说'早该这件事了'?

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Image caption The clockmaker Alan Wilson adjusts the time on Canongate Tolbooth in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by Jeff J Mitchell.


短語表達 high time 意思是某事需要盡快辦,因為已經遲了,不能再拖下去了。


I'm already 42. It's high time I sorted my pension out!

The plane's due to leave in 30 minutes. It's high time we were boarding.

It's high time we got our car serviced. It's been making that funny noise for months.


請注意在上面的例句中,語法上 high time 前面不用加冠詞,後面跟的句型是一般過去時或過去進行時。


We had a high old time at Martin's party last night. You should have been there.