Out of this world 棒极了/人世所无

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Image caption A photograph of polar stars as the Earth rotates.


短語 'out of this world' 經常被用於形容某物或某事極好,遠遠超出了人們的期待。


You should try my mum」s chocolate cake. It's out of this world!

這塊巧克力蛋糕實在是太美味了,就像是從另一個世界來的。 請看以下例句:

I really enjoyed the exhibition. The landscape paintings are out of this world.


另一個看起來和out of this world 這個短語相似的短語是 to feel on top of the world, 意思是幸福到極點,自我感覺非常好。大家可不要混淆了!

I」m so happy that I passed all my exams. I feel like I」m on top of the world!