Comfort zone 舒适地带

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rob: (ON PHONE) OK Helen, sounds interesting…I」ll be right over. Bye! Helen has something interesting to show me, so I」m off to see it now.


Rob: Err, hi Helen.

Helen: Hello. 歡迎來到我的舒適地帶。

Rob: Your what?

Helen: My comfort zone. I」ve made a very comfortable area for relaxing in. 我把這間房間裝飾得舒舒服服,可以讓我好好放鬆一下。 Don」t you think it」s relaxing Rob?

Rob: Well yes. Nice cushions, a very cosy sofa and soft lighting – but Helen, why did you want to show me this relaxing and comfortable room – are you up to something?

Helen: No! You said we were doing a programme about comfort zones – so I decided to make one.

Rob: I see. Well we could describe this room as our comfort zone but usually the term refers to how someone feels.

Helen: Oh! 原來舒適地帶並不僅僅是一個物質環境,它也可以指某個人的感受。

Image caption Do comfort zones have anything to do with a comfy sofa?

Rob: If someone is in their comfort zone, they feel secure and comfortable, they might even feel in control. Maybe these examples will help to explain more…

  • John isn」t going for the promotion - he wants to stay in his comfort zone and doesn」t want the extra stress.
  • Jane stays in her comfort zone when booking her holiday and will never travel overseas.

Rob: So those examples describe people who are happy doing something they」ve always done. The feel safe and secure. It's about a state of mind.

Helen: 心理狀態。It sounds like a nice place to be.

Rob: It is – but it can also imply you won」t take risks and move out of your comfort zone…

Helen: …into your un-comfort zone you mean?! 到你感覺不舒服的地帶?

Rob: Exactly. Listen to these examples…

  • Sally is dressing outside her usual comfort zone; have you seen the dress she」s wearing tonight?!
  • Bob」s working outside his comfort zone by agreeing to run the accounts department.

Rob: A comfort zone can also describe the ideal temperature of a room. It's just the right conditions to feel comfortable in – not too hot, not too cold.

Helen: 舒適地帶也可以形容房間最佳溫度。 Rob, I think we」re in just the right comfort zone now.

Rob: We are but come on, let」s step outside and get some fresh air.

Helen: Sorry Rob, I」m staying in my comfort zone. Mmm, it」s so cosy and I feel so secure here and anyway, it might be raining out there.

Rob: You don」t take any chances Helen! Oh well, see you later. Bye.

Helen: Bye! Oh this sofa is so comfortable,mmm…