Stick your oar in 插手管闲事

Oxford University training for the University Boat Race. Image copyright Getty
Image caption The Oxford University Blue boat in training for the 158th University Boat Race. Photo by Richard Heathcote.

Stick your oar in 插手管閒事

如果你 stick your oar into something, 意思就是沒有得到別人的允許或者邀請就自以為是的發表意見,插手管閒事兒。


I was managing the project well until the boss came along and stuck his oar in!

We're keeping the plans for the party a secret – otherwise everyone will try to stick their oar in and give their suggestions for it.

I can't stand our new neighbour – she's always sticking her oar into our business.


另一個短語 to stick your nose into something 也有相似的意思,表示多管閒事兒。

David is always sticking his nose in where it isn」t wanted.