Take the weight off your feet 歇歇

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rob: Hello, it」s Rob here.

Helen: And me, Helen. 歡迎收聽《地道英語》. Rob I don」t know why we have to stand up when we present this programme – it」s quite tiring.

Rob: Really? I thought standing up would give us more energy and sitting down makes us a bit …lazy.

Helen: But I」ve been standing up all day, this is my only chance to sit down. 我想先坐下來!

Rob: Why didn」t you say. Here, have a chair, take the weight off your feet.

Helen: The weight?! Rob 說把重量從你腳上拿下來,這也太不禮貌了吧!Do you mean I」m heavy and my feet can」t carry the weight?

Rob: Helen don」t be so sensitive. I was being kind. It's a way of saying, relax, sit down, especially after standing up for a long time. It has nothing to do with your actual weight.

Helen: Oh I see. Rob 原來是好意!To take the weight off your feet 意思是站了那麼久,坐下來,歇一會兒。In that case I will.

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Image caption What does 'put your feet up' mean?

Rob: Here are some other ways of saying it….

  • We」ve been shopping all day, let」s take the weight off our feet, sit down and have a cup of coffee.
  • Don」t walk to work today, go on the bus and take the weight off your feet.

Rob: Those are different ways of taking the weight off your feet.

Helen: I have to admit Rob, it」s very comfortable sitting down. I feel quite relaxed I think I」ll put my feet up too.

Rob: That」s another expression we use – to put our feet up. Again it means rest and relax and literally, put your feet up on the sofa, or in your case, on the desk – Helen you could have taken your shoes off!

Helen: Sorry. To put your feet up 把你的腳抬起來,這不也就是蹺起二郎腿,歇歇腳。Ahh, lovely! Can we hear some more examples please?

Rob: Yes Helen!

  • You」ve been gardening all day, come inside and put your feet up.
  • After working for the company for 30 years, Jim has decided it」s time to finally put his feet up and retire.

Rob: If he」s retiring he」ll be putting his feet up for a long time. But Helen we」ve got work to do, so back on your feet.

Helen: 回到我的腳上! 我才把腳抬起來呢!You want me to put the weight on my feet now?

Rob: I」m afraid so. It's time to go shopping.

Helen: Shopping! Why didn」t you say. Look, I」m back on my feet now.

Rob: That was quick. OK, best foot forward, off to the supermarket we go – left, right, left right…

Helen: 我們去超市?

Rob: Yes, the supermarket Helen. Bye!

Helen: (Groans) Bye.

Rob: Come on – left, right, left right, keep moving those feet.