Going swimmingly 进展顺利

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Image caption Thai children play in a pool decorated with elephant sculptures ahead of the annual three-day festival of Songkran.

Going swimmingly 進展順利

如果形容一件事 going swimmingly 那就表示事情進展的非常順利,沒有任何問題。


This journey's going swimmingly. We haven't stopped for a single traffic jam.

The wedding preparations are going swimmingly. Everything should be ready well before the big day.

John's meeting with his future in-laws was going swimmingly until he mentioned his debt problem.


Going swimmingly 這個短語同游泳沒有任何關係。如果你聽到 To take a dip 這個短語,那麼它的意思才是去游泳。

Oh it's so hot. I think I'll take a dip in the river.