Champagne moment 庆功时刻

The top three finishers in the Chinese Grand Prix Image copyright BBC World Service
Image caption Race winner Nico Rosberg of Germany celebrates with second placed Jenson Button of Great Britain and McLaren and third placed Lewis Hamilton also of Great Britain following the Chinese Grand Prix.

Champagne moment 慶功時刻

A champagne moment 這個短語的直譯是香檳時刻,這是因為西方人慣用香檳酒來慶賀勝利。漢語裏我們會說輝煌或慶功的時刻。


Rooney played brilliantly all match but the champagne moment was when he scored his third goal.

Wow, I passed all my exams. That's what I call a champagne moment!

The champagne moment of his political career was when he won the election and became prime minister.


請大家注意不要把香檳時刻 A champagne moment 同另一個短語 in the heat of the moment 相混淆,後者的意思是一時激動或盛怒之下。

In the heat of the moment she told him she wanted a divorce but she didn't really mean it. They were in the middle of a fight when she said it.