Give it one hundred percent 全力以赴

The Horse Guards parade in London Image copyright PA
Image caption Guardsmen at Buckingham Palace help to celebrate the countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games. Photo by LOCOG.

Give it one hundred percent 全力以赴

當你做某件事情的時候,全力以赴,投入了百分百的努力,那麼英語的表達就是 you give something one hundred percent.


I am quite nervous about running the marathon, but on the day I'll give it one hundred percent.

I got a poor mark in my exam, but to be honest, I didn't give it one hundred percent when I was revising.

Simon is hilarious on the karaoke machine – he's a terrible singer but always gives it one hundred percent!


如果你身體健康狀況很好,自我感覺很棒,那麼你可以說 I feel one hundred percent.

I'm not coming to the pub tonight, I'm not feeling one hundred percent.