Twist your arm 说服某人做某事

The Japanese synchronised swimming team performing a routine. Image copyright Getty
Image caption The Japanese synchronised swimming team performs a technical routine at the London Aquatics Centre. Photo by Adrian Dennis.

Twist your arm 說服某人做某事

如果你扭某人的胳膊 twist someone's arm 就意味著你說服他們做點什麼。


I know you said you didn't want to go out tonight, but can I twist your arm? I could really do with a night out.

I shouldn't have one of those cakes as I'm on a diet… But go on then, you've twisted my arm!


To pull somebody's leg 拉某人的腿意思是捉弄某人,開某人的玩笑。

I haven't really won the lottery - I was only pulling your leg.

You want me to run the marathon with you? Are you pulling my leg?