The forest floor 這個短語是什麼意思?

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A woodland in England, covered in bluebells.

A woodland in England, covered in bluebells – a common and popular spring flower. Photo by Matt Cardy.


通常來說,戶外的地面叫做 the ground, 室內的地面而是 the floor. 不過有一個例外 the forest floor, 指的是森林的地面。


Bluebells (the type of purple flower you can see above) are a traditional sign of spring in England. Although common, the flowers are very popular and many British people make a point of going on walks at this time of year to see bluebells. Unfortunately, it is thought that 2012 will be a short season for the wildflower because of an ongoing drought.



In a rainforest, only about 2% of the light that hits the tops of trees reaches the forest floor.

The forest floor is fundamental to the whole ecosystem. It is where insects live and the processes of decomposition and plant growth take place.


和今天的短語相似,單詞 carpet 可以用來形容似地毯狀的覆蓋物,比如說 carpet of flowers 鮮花地毯。

We stepped off the path and onto a carpet of flowers.

Carpet 這個單詞作為動詞使用很常見,尤其是在被動語態的句子中。

The forest floor was carpeted with bluebells, daffodils and other wildflowers.


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