Face to face 这个短语是什么意思?

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Image caption South Korean bullfighting nearly died out but festivals like the annual Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival help keep the tradition alive.


面對面的交流就是 face to face,許多人認為這樣的溝通效果和電話上或網上聯繫是不一樣的。


I've been in touch with my niece, who was born in South America, for years but we have never met face to face.

One way of overcoming my fear of dogs is to come face to face with them!

It must have been difficult for you to go to court and stand face to face with the man who stole your wallet!


大家可千萬別把 face to face 和 head-to-head 這兩個表達給混淆了。如果雙方處於直接對峙狀態我們就可以用 head-to-head 來形容這種情況。

The teams representing the best schools in the country will go head-to-head this weekend in the national spelling contest.