Take the weight off your feet 你知道是什麼意思嗎?

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Japanese figure skaters Narumi Takahashi (top) and Mervin Tran

Japan's Narumi Takahashi (top) and Mervin Tran perform a challenging move during the World Team Trophy 2012 figure skating competition in Tokyo. Photo by Toshifumi Kitamura


如果有人勸你 take the weight off your feet, 意思就是勸你坐下來,歇歇腳,坐下來休息一下,尤其是站久了。這個短語和你的體重可沒有關係。


According to the official website of the Olympic movement, the Dutch were perhaps the earliest pioneers of skating. They began using canals to maintain communication by skating from village to village as far back as the 13th century.



After walking around Paris for three hours non-stop, Mary found a nice coffee shop and took the weight off her feet.

Don」t walk to school today. Go on the bus and take the weight off your feet.


大家可千萬別把 to take the weight off your feet 和 to carry your own weight 給混淆了。後一個短語的意思是自己對自己負責。

My brother has finally got a job! Our father kept telling him that at 30 he is old enough to leave home and carry his own weight.


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