City slickers 油头滑脑的城里人

Manchester City celebrate winning the Premier League Image copyright Getty
Image caption Manchester City players celebrate winning the Premier League title for the first time in 44 years. Photo by: Alex Livesey.

City slickers 油頭滑腦的城裏人

City slicker 指的是那些習慣並適應城市生活的人,而他們往往看不起生活在小鎮裏的人。


Mike hates London. He says it's full of city slickers who think anyone who doesn't live there is a peasant.

During rush hour, the city slickers get fed up with tourists on the Underground when they stand in the way of the doors and start laughing when they almost fall over as the train pulls away.


在英國,The City 代表的是倫敦的金融區。

The Bank of England is in the heart of The City.