Out of place 不相称的

A man dressed as Charlie Chaplin walks on the beach Image copyright Reuters
Image caption A man dressed as Charlie Chaplin during the 65th Cannes Film Festival. Photo by Eric Gaillard.


如果形容什麼東西是 out of place, 那就是說這個東西對某種場合或地方不合適,不相稱。


I wore an evening dress to the party, but everyone else was in jeans and trainers. I felt so out of place!

Sarah bought me a vintage clock for my birthday, but it looks out of place in my modern flat.

Your brother has no sense of rhythm – he looks so out of place on the dance floor.


千萬不要用 in / out of place 來表示某樣東的放置錯位了。

Some of these books are out of place. Did you move them?

Our flat is so untidy! Everything needs to be in place when my parents come over for dinner.