Fired up 这是什么意思?

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Image caption Olympic fever got hold of Britain this weekend as the Triple Olympic gold medallist sailor Ben Ainslie was the first person to carry the Olympic flame on its 70-day journey.

Fired up 點燃了

當某人is 或 becomes fired up, 這就意味著這個人對某件事情充滿熱情和期待。但也可能意味著某人很生氣。


I've managed to get hold of some tickets for the final and the thought of watching it in person has really got me fired up.

I was talking to someone about politics and we got really fired up and started shouting at each other.


別把 to get fired up 和 to fire away (at someone) 這兩個短語給混淆了。當某人 fires away (at someone) 意思是某人向其他人提出很多問題。

I know you're curious about my trip to the Amazon. Please fire away.