Eclipse something 超越于

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Image caption An annular solar eclipse, where the moon passes in front of the sun, is seen from Tokyo. Photo: Kazuhiro Nogi.

Eclipse something 超越於

如果說你 eclipse 什麼東西,那就意味著你超越了或優勝於什麼。


She got the job because her interview eclipsed all of the others.

That's the best goal he's ever scored: it eclipses all the rest.

This has been such a great day; nothing can eclipse it.


另一個英語單詞 overshadow 意思是使失色,比如說 A is overshadowed by B, 這句話的意思就是 B 奪去了A 的光彩。換句話說,A 被 B 比下來了,不再那麼重要了。

The president's death overshadowed all other news yesterday.