Bend over backwards 竭尽全力

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Neil: Hello. I'm Neil.

Helen: I'm Helen. Neil 的聲音變了因為他擺了一個非常奇怪的姿勢。

Neil: That's right. I'm bending over backwards – or trying to.

Helen: 向後彎腰,一看你就特別僵硬。

Neil: No. Even if I bend forwards I can hardly touch my knees, and certainly not my toes.

Helen: 來,看我的!

Neil: Wow! Helen! I had no idea you could do that! You can bend over backwards all the way to the floor!

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Image caption It looks quite hard to bend over backwards!

Helen: Yes, 不過你得解釋一下為什麼我們在向後彎腰?

Neil: Oh, yes, of course. That's because today's phrase is:

Helen & Neil: To bend over backwards!

Helen: 請聽以下例句,你能猜出這個短語的意思是什麼嗎?

  • I would bend over backwards for you – just let me know how I can help.
  • Julia bent over backwards to make sure everything was right for their visit.

Neil: Did you guess the meaning?

Helen: 這個短語的意思是為某人或某件事情付出超出常情的努力, 拼了命的去做這件事情。

Neil: Like, "I would bend over backwards to make sure you're happy", Helen.

Helen: Ahhhh. Thank you Neil. 讓我們再聽幾個例子吧:

  • I bent over backwards to get Jim what he wanted, but he never thanked me.
  • I'll help you a bit, but don't expect me to bend over backwards.

Neil: Oh, ooof!

Helen: 你還好吧?

Neil: I need to sit down, I think I've hurt my back!

Helen: Ah, Neil, you must be careful not to bend over backwards too often!

Neil: Urgh!

Helen: 向後彎腰只是一個比喻,並不是說你得真的這麼做,把腰傷了可不是開玩笑的事兒。好,謝謝收聽。我們下次節目再見。

Neil: Bye!