Jaw-dropping 令人瞠目结舌

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Image caption Spanish fans react while watching a giant outdoor screen on Paseo de La Castellana street in Madrid during the UEFA Euro 2012 semi-final match against Portugal. Photo: Denis Doyle

Jaw-dropping 令人瞠目結舌

在我們為某事感到驚呆時可以用 jaw-dropping 來形容,類似漢語裏的瞠目結舌。


Norway's Lofoten islands are famous for their jaw-dropping views of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.

Some pictures by old masters reach jaw-dropping prices at auction.

When the rate of inflation was published earlier this week, even the most resilient corporations were concerned about the jaw-dropping data.


另一個詞(美式英語)a jawbreaker 是繞口令。不過繞口令在英式英語裏叫 tongue twister.

Speech therapists use jawbreakers like 'the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain' as an exercise to make people speak more clearly.