On your bike! 快点走开!

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Image caption The pack of riders cycles past the church of Aire-sur-la-Lys during the third stage of the Tour de France. Photo: Bogdan Cristel.

On your bike 快點走開!

短語 on your bike 是一個非常口語化的表達,告訴別人快走開,不要來煩你了。因為這不是一個禮貌表達,所以使用時要注意。


You want twenty pounds to clean my windows? On your bike!

Hey, on your bike – ball games are not allowed on the village green!

I told you, I don」t want to go out with you any more – on your bike!


另一個不表達讓別人走開的非正式用語是 get lost, 去你的!

This is private property, you are trespassing! Get lost!