Quids in 有钱了

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rob: Hi! I'm Rob. And this is Helen!

Helen: Hello.

Rob: Now come on Helen, we've no time to waste. This jumble sale has nearly finished and we haven't got any bargains yet.

Helen: Yes, all I've bought is an old teddy bear and a hat with a hole in it. 跳蚤市場可是能挑到好的二手商品的好地方。So what are you looking for Rob?

Rob: Some antique pots and vases. Then I can sell it to someone else and I'll be quids in!

Helen: What? Rob 說他即將會 quids in. What a strange saying.

Rob: It means I'll be in profit - or I will have made or saved some money through some kind of financial transaction.

Helen: 通過某種金融交易而賺錢或者節省錢 - I like the sound of that. But did you say squids in - like the creature in the sea - a squid?

Rob: No Helen - the word is quids - it's a slang word for pounds. A quid is £1. You might hear people talking about it like this:

  • I'm broke so can you lend me a quid to buy a cup of tea, please?
  • Come on ladies, who wants these lovely strawberries? Only two quid a box.

Rob: So a quid is a pound and if I am quids in it means I will have made some extra pounds sterling.

Helen: Ah! Why didn't you say? A quid 是英式英語裏對英鎊的俗稱,是非常口語化的表達。 那麼 quids in 的意思就是來錢了,賺了一筆。

Image caption What does 'quid' mean?

Rob: Let's hear some other people who are hoping to be quids in:

  • If we complete this deal, we'll be quids in!
  • With such a good exchange rate you'll be quids in when you go abroad on holiday.
  • I paid £50 for it but sold it for £60 so I'm quids in!

Helen: OK Rob, if we're going to be quids in today we need to get buying things.

Rob: Did I say 'we'? Anyway, look at this old vase - it's only £10. I could clean it up and I could sell it for £20.

Helen: Sounds fantastic. We really would be quids in then. Come on then let's buy it.

Rob: Right, I've got my bargain for today, let's go home.

Helen: Rob watch that step!

Rob: Whoa! Oh no, my vase - it's broken.

Helen: Oh! Do you think you'll be able to get £20 for it now?

Rob: No - I won't even get a penny.

Helen: 哎呀,真糟糕。花瓶給摔破了,Rob 這次可是賠本了。

Rob: Sorry, what did you say?

Helen: Is there such an expression as being quids out?

Rob: No! There isn't. But there is an expression about being out of pocket.

Helen: 賠本,口袋裏沒錢了 out of pocket. Hmm, I think we'll leave it for another day. Come on Rob I'll buy you a drink to cheer you up.

Rob: Thanks Helen. See you next time on Authentic Real English. Bye.

Helen: Bye!