Splash out 随意花大钱

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Image caption China's Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan win gold in the men's synchronised 10m platform diving final in the London 2012 Aquatic Centre. Photo: Tim Wiborne.


當你 splash out 的時候,這就意味著你在可能沒有什麼意義的東西或事情上花上一大筆錢。


I was feeling down, so I splashed out on a new computer and then felt great.

The shops were full of people splashing out after pay day.

I fancy sushi. Let's splash out and go to that new restaurant down the road. It's expensive but the food looks delicious.


另一個短語 make a splash 意思是某人突然出名或非常成功。

Bradley Wiggins made a splash by winning the Tour de France. Nobody had heard of him and a week later he started the Olympic Opening Ceremony.