To ride it out 克服困难

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Image caption Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain wins gold in the Men's Individual Time Trial in the Road Cycling on day 5 of London 2012. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain.


短語 to ride something out 意思是克服困難或衝過難關。


I lost my job and can't spend a lot of money at the moment - I'll just have to ride it out until I get a new one.

Jonathan had never run a marathon before - he was tired even before the halfway mark, but he managed to ride it out and finish the race.

I can't believe the prime minister rode out that scandal and is still in office!


短語 ride a wave 意思是你隨和民意或加入民潮。

The British public is really riding the wave of cycling after Bradley Wiggins' success.