Hands-on 親自動手

更新時間 2012年 8月 15日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間14:46
A baby touches Barack Obama's face.

A baby touches the face of US president Barack Obama during a campaign visit to the Iowa State Fair. Photo: Carolyn Kaster


如果某人是 hands on 那就是說他親自參與做某件事情。如果一活動的內容包括很多動手的機會, 那麼就可以稱之為 hands on。


US President Barack Obama visited the Iowa State Fair this week and delighted some visitors by buying them a bottle of beer. The president bought ten beer tokens and proceeded to hand them out to the crowd as part of his election campaign tour. The next US presidential election will take place on 6th November 2012.

本周美國總統巴拉克•奧巴馬訪問了愛荷華州博覽會, 有些幸運的參觀者每人得到了一瓶免費啤酒。做為他總統競選之旅活動的一部分,奧巴馬購買了十張啤酒卷並發給了在場的人們。下一屆美國總統大選將在2012年11月6日舉行。


Our shop manager is really hands-on. She gets involved with everything from serving customers to stocking shelves.

On our training course, you'll get hands-on experience of using graphic design packages.

I hope that the new headmaster will be more hands-on in the school and get involved in teaching the children.


如果你大聲對他人說 「hands off」, 意思是警告他們別碰什麼東西。

Hey! Hands off my new mp3 player – you'll break it!


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