Nerves of steel 有膽量

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Team Europe's Martin Kaymer makes the match-winning putt of the Ryder Cup.

Martin Kaymer makes the match-winning putt for Team Europe in the 2012 Ryder Cup in Illinois. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty


The Ryder Cup is a golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States of America, and takes place every two years. The 2012 competition finished in dramatic style, when Europe, who were losing, made a record comeback against the United States to win the competition by 14½ points to 13½.

萊德杯高爾夫球賽是每兩年舉行一次的高爾夫球比賽,這是歐洲和美國的團隊之間的競爭。 2012年的比賽以戲劇性比分結束,歐洲隊本來輸局已定,後來竟然出乎意料的扳回劣勢,最終以14½ 比13½贏了美國隊。


如果某人有 nerves of steel, 這就是說他很有膽量,尤其是在面對巨大壓力時能沉著果斷的作決定。


You need nerves of steel to be a bomb disposal expert.

There's a man on a tightrope walking between those two skyscrapers! He must have nerves of steel!

I will need to have nerves of steel to pass my driving test today – I've only had three lessons.


如果有人 gets on your nerves, 意思就是這個人讓你心煩。

I really hope Darren doesn't come to the Christmas party – he really gets on my nerves.


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