To see red 大怒

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People visiting an echo-free chamber in Valetta.

People visit a red, echo-free chamber in Valetta. Photo: Darrin Zammit/Reuters


The colour red is associated with many different emotions, including anger and danger, probably because it is the colour of blood. Many road signs use the colour red to warn motorists of hazards. Red also has strong links to love and passion, and, in many cultures, symbolizes happiness and celebration.



To see red 這個短語的意思是大怒,狂怒。


The teacher will see red when he finds out you haven't done your homework again! He'll give you detention.

My mum saw red when I came in late for dinner.

I saw red and shouted when the boss complained about my work for the third time today.


如果你想說一個人很容易發火,可以用to fly off the handle 這個短語。

When Simon told me he was going out for the third night in a row, I really flew off the handle and shouted at him.


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