Inside out 裏面翻到外面了

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A plastinated goat

A plastinated goat. Photo: Miro Kuzmanovic/Reuters


Plastination is a technique used to preserve bodies after death. It was developed by Gunther von Hagens in 1977, and replaces water and fat in the body with plastics. A recent exhibition called 「Animals Inside Out」 includes a shark, bear and octopus, as well as the goat pictured above, and allows visitors to see and touch the insides of the animals.

人體塑化技術用於保存死後屍體, 是由岡瑟馮哈根斯在1977年開發成功的。這種技術採用塑料取代人體內的水和脂肪。最近一個名為「動物裏翻外」的展覽包括一條鯊魚,一隻熊和一條章魚,以及圖中的這只山羊,參觀者可以觸摸這些動物的內臟。


如果什麼東西 inside out, 就是說把裏面翻到了外面了,裏外搞錯了。另一個短語是 know something inside out, 意思是你對什麼事情了如指掌,對事情的來龍去脈清清楚楚。


If you」d like a tour of Paris, I can take you. I know the city inside out.

Gary knows the history of Manchester United inside out.

I feel prepared for my French exam. I」ve been revising all night and I know the vocabulary inside out.


如果一件事情被搞亂了,混亂不清或顛倒了,可以用另一個短語 upside down.

Katy」s world was turned upside down when her boyfriend left her, she didn」t know what to do.


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