Spy Undercover 007的性感魅力

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Vocabulary: romance 詞匯:浪漫

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig as James Bond

How many men would get away with a chat up line like: "That's quite a nice little nothing you're almost wearing. I approve"? Bond, James Bond, who will be back on the silver screen soon in Skyfall.

And while delivering such a cheesy line, 007 managed to look neither shaken nor stirred. No mean feat!

For 50 years, James Bond's womanising has been central to the film character's appeal, according to BBC writer Jon Kelly.

Ultimately it is the conventions of the series rather than the character's emotional shortcomings that keep him single. The so called Bond girls - the objects of his affections – end up dead a few scenes later.

Christoph Lindner, author of The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader, says: "He can have something closer to an emotional relationship but the Bond format can't allow that to endure."

What use, after all, would a monogamous, committed, psychologically secure 007 be? Audiences seem to make all sorts of allowances for this ladies' man.

"At his core he remains the same as he was when Ian Fleming started writing - he's sexist, he's misogynist," says Lindner.

It's an unreal world, in which a series of attractive women essentially revolve around and invariably give in to the charms of the hero.

Fans insist its entire basis is as a modern fantasy - and suspension of disbelief is required during the bedroom scenes just as much as it is for the fights, car chases, gadgets and super-villains.

And the fantasy is reinforced by the statistics. A 2009 study of the film series for the journal 'Sex Roles' found that 007 had enjoyed "strong" sexual contact with 46 women until 2002's Die Another Day. The fictional character is miles ahead his real countrymen.

A 2011 Health Survey for England found that the average man reported 9.3 sexual partners in their lifetime.

Quiz 測驗

What」s the title of the next James Bond movie?


Look at the article. Why is the character still single?

According to the article, it is the conventions of the series that keep him single, and not his womanising.

Is the following statement true, false or not given? James Bond is no longer the sexist and misogynist character created by Ian Fleming.

False. The author of a book about James Bond, Christoph Lindner, quoted in the article, says the character remains the same as he was when Ian Fleming started writing about the fictional spy, who was sexist and misogynist.

What word means attractive qualities that are appealing to others?


What expression is used to refer to watching something without questioning if it is possible?

Suspension of disbelief

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