Wearing different hats 身兼多職

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People wearing red, white and blue hats.

People wear different coloured hats at a celebration in Taiwan. Photo: Pichi Chuang/Reuters


In English, there are many different types of hat, which have appeared in popular fiction or television. One of the most well-known hats is the deerstalker, worn by the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. People often expect to see businessmen in Britain wearing bowler hats, but very few people actually wear these nowadays.
英語中, 對帽子的類型有很多不同說法。各種類型帽子也常常出現於流行小說或電視作品中。最著名的一種叫獵鹿帽,就是大偵探福爾摩斯配戴的那種。另外人們印象中英國商人好像都該戴圓頂禮帽, 不過在現時生活中,極少出現戴圓頂禮貌的商人。


英語短語 wear different hats 字面意思是帶著不同的帽子,表示一個人身兼多職或扮演多種角色。


"Alice is presenting the news at the weekend."
"Really? I thought she only worked behind the scenes?"
"She presents every weekend - she wears many different hats."

I'm not going to work – I'm wearing a different hat today. I'm going to be volunteering at my local scout group.

My brother wears many different hats: he works as a swimming teacher during the day, at night he works in our local pub, and at the weekend he helps out at a rowing club.


在表示迅速作某事的時候可以用 the drop of a hat 這個短語,即有信號就立刻行動。

Johnny Depp is gorgeous. I'd marry him at the drop of a hat!


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