Not rocket science 很簡單的事

更新時間 2013年 1月 8日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間10:38

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Sound of a rocket being launched)

Yang Li: Hello I'm Yang Li. 歡迎收聽《地道英語》。今天同我一起主持節目的是 Kaz. Hi Kaz.

Kaz: Hello, Li.

Yang Li: 為什麼一上來你就讓我聽一段火箭發射升空的錄音?Hey Kaz, why are we listening to this rocket launch?

Kaz: Well, Li, I thought we could use it to introduce today's expression.

Yang Li: 今天的短語是...

Kaz: The expression is 'It's not rocket science'.

Yang Li: 'It's not rocket science', 意思是?

A rocket launch

Why does Kaz make Li listen to the rocket launch at the beginning of the programme?

Kaz: If something is not complicated or difficult to understand - 'it's not rocket science'.

Yang Li: Kaz 說如果一件事情並不複雜,很容易理解或完成,那麼就可以說 - 'it's not rocket science' 能舉例嗎?

Kaz: OK. Somebody can't get the television to work and asks you, "How do I switch this thing on?" You would say, "It's not rocket science. Just press 'on' on the handset".

Yang Li: 如果一個人問你如何打開電視機,你可以回答說: "It's not rocket science! You just press the 'on' switch and away you go". 這個短語非常實用,用來表示很容易就能做到的事... another example please, Kaz.

Kaz: OK Li. Why are we always short of money?

Yang Li: Well, it's not rocket science Kaz - we don't get paid enough!

Kaz: Brilliant Li. That's an excellent example.

Yang Li: 這個短語很不錯。 咱們再來聽幾個例句吧:

  • How do I cook this soup?
  • Come on Rob, it's not rocket science; all you have to do is open the tin and heat it up.
  • I can't understand why our company is in such a mess?
  • It's not rocket science to figure that out – there are too many managers!

Yang Li: OK Kaz, 現在我完全清楚了 'it's not rocket science' 字面意思是,這不是火箭科技,實際的意思就是,嘿,這又不是什麼高科技,很簡單嗎!But I get the feeling that it's rather informal, isn't it?

Kaz: You're right Li. So please use with care!

Yang Li: Absolutely.

Kaz: It's usually used with the negative 'It's not rocket science'.

Yang Li: 這點很重要,這個短語一般都使用否定句式 'It's not rocket science'. Well, Kaz, you're so good with this programme. You're a star!

Kaz: Thank you Li but presenting this programme is not exactly rocket science! It's easy!

Both: Bye!

(Sound of a rocket being launched)

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