The writing is on the wall 不祥預兆

更新時間 2013年 2月 26日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間14:51

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rob: No! No! Don't pass the ball to him!

Li: Rob 聲音這麼大! 畫得很不錯嘛,Dominic!

Dominic: Thank you, mummy! This is a balloon and the letter B! And this is...

Li: 這是個氣球… 那是條船,對吧?

Dominic: No! This is a ball, to play football! Can't you see?!

Li: 大家好我是楊莉,這是 Dominic.

Dominic: ...and I am five! I'm a big boy now!

Li: 當然了,你是個五歲的大孩子了!Rob 就在那邊看電視,為他的球隊加油呢。

Rob: Argh! They're going to lose!

Li: 我們的 Dominic 正在學習寫字...

a boy drawing on the wall, istock

Does Dominic learn to write on the wall?

Rob: Oh nooooo! They've lost another goal! The writing is on the wall now!

Li: Oh, no, writing on the wall? 我可不允許任何人在我家這乾乾淨淨的牆上寫字?!Dominic, 是不是你在牆上寫字了?!別淘氣!

Rob: No, no, no - there's nothing written on your wall, Li! In English, we use the expression 'the writing is on the wall' when we want to say that something bad is going to happen to something or someone and there isn't much you can do about it. Like my team. If it loses this match it is out of the championship.

Li: 這麼說當你說 'The writing is on the wall' 意思就是注定要失敗,這跟在牆上寫字沒有關係,哦,沒人能在我的牆上寫字哦?

Rob: No. Here are some examples of how you use this expression.

  • My auntie is really sad because she had to close her shop. To be honest, the writing has been on the wall for her business for a long time.
  • You know Mary. She's a party girl that loves the city but I heard her husband is shy and has always wanted to live on a farm. The writing is definitely on the wall for their marriage.
  • I haven't studied hard this year and I have been doing badly in exams. My teachers told me if I don't try harder the writing is on the wall.

Li: 從以上例句大家可以看到這個短語的意思是某事或某人注定要失敗,要崩潰。嘿,反正我的牆壁仍然乾乾淨淨的!沒有人搗亂,嗯 Dominic 仍然是個聽話的好孩子!

Rob: Gooooooal! Finally!

Rob: Oh, sorry Li. Your walls are free of writing but your carpet is flooded with wine. Sorry. I've just knocked my glass on the floor by accident and there is a big stain...

Li: 你瞧 Rob 你可真會闖禍! 把葡萄酒灑了一地,把這漂亮的地毯給毀了!

Rob: Red wine, white carpet... The writing was on the wall for this one. Sorry. And bye...

Li: Bye Rob. Bye carpet.

Dominic: Carpet?! I want to write on the carpet!

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