To miss the boat 錯失良機

更新時間 2013年 3月 12日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間11:29

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Finn is picking up Feifei to go to his posh uncle's party)

Finn: Come on, Feifei! We are going to be late. This party is my big chance!

Feifei: I'm almost ready, Finn! 大家好,我是馮菲菲。Finn 邀請我和他一起去他那個特有錢的叔叔搞的聚會,聽說他還請了好多名流。

Finn: Come on! And lots of musicians... Well, I'm a bit of a rocker myself, and this might just be my chance to meet someone famous... Come on!

Feifei: 原來 Finn 想借這個聚會顯示一下自己的搖滾天賦!Ha! Coming!

Finn: Maybe I can join a band... live the rock star life... oh, this is my one big chance! Come on or I'll miss the boat!

Feifei: Miss the boat? 你趕不上船了?怎麼不早說!?

a rowing boat, BBC image

Are Finn and Feifei going to miss the boat?

(Hurried steps, sound of rummaging in a wardrobe and a lifejacket inflating)

Feifei: Here I am.

Finn: A lifejacket!?

Feifei: 當然得戴上救生衣,以防萬一!We are going on a boat! 我其實有點兒怕水,因為我不會游泳。

Finn: But Feifei, there's no real boat. In English, we use the expression 'to miss the boat' to mean we are too late to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Feifei: What? 又沒有船了?To miss the boat 船已經開走了,其實是個英語成語,比喻錯過機會了,坐失良機?

Finn: That's it. Listen to these examples.

  • If I hadn't bought a new flat last year I would have missed the boat. Properties are more expensive now.
  • I should have travelled the world when I was young. Now I have a family to take care of. I might have missed the boat.

Feifei: 這個短語其實是用船離港這個動作來表示錯過了一個機會。

Finn: Well, we're not going to make it on time now, unless... we take my uncle's helicopter! It's parked in a field nearby. Come on!

Feifei: Helicopter! 你叔叔還有自己的直升飛機?那不成我們還真的坐飛機去參加這個聚會?等一下 Finn.

(Hurried steps, rummaging in the wardrobe again)

Feifei: 這次我可是完全做好了飛行準備。

Finn: Feifei, is that what I think it is? A parachute?!

Feifei: 坐飛機當然得帶降落傘了,我不會游泳就更別提會飛了。再說了,我有恐高症。

Finn: OK. Feifei, don't worry. Let's just go to the party. We don't want to miss the boat, do we?

Feifei: 不要 miss the boat, 也不能錯過直升飛機!Bye.

Finn: Bye.

(Helicopter taking off)

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