After 你想要什麼?

更新時間 2013年 7月 30日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間09:32

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Sounds of a crowded bar)

Yang Li: Hi, and welcome to Authentic Real English, with me Yang Li. 我現在在一家非常擁擠的酒吧裏,排著隊等著點酒。

Barman: (Shouting) Who's next please?

Drinkers: Me, me, me...

Barman: OK you...

Bottles of drink

What are you after?

Drinker: Could I have a gin and tonic please...

Barman: That'll be £3.60. OK...

Yang Li: Oh, I think I'm next...

Barman: Hi, are you next?

Yang Li: Yes, yes, it's me now...

Barman: What are you after?

Yang Li: What am I after? No, it's my turn now, thank you...

Barman: OK, I know that. What are you after?

Yang Li: I'm after... eh? I'm after... the person before me?

Barman: Don't try to be funny. What are you after?

Yang Li: Sorry barman, I'm really confused - 嘿,等一下,等一下... 我認識你! 你可不是酒吧服務員啊。Aren't you our presenter, Finn?

Barman: Yes, 就是我。Just earning a little extra money!

Yang Li: I thought so! Very nice bar you have here. 好了,我們的《地道英語》節目一般都是針對一個俚語說講解析。So, why do you keep asking me what I'm after?

Barman: OK, I'll be quick - there are customers waiting! Today's expression is indeed 'after'. When you say you're 'after something', it means you want it, especially in situations like shopping, or when buying things. Like this:

  • A: I'm after a pair of formal leather shoes.
  • B: Come this way sir. We have a great selection.
  • A: Hello, what are you after?
  • B: I'd like a glass of white wine please.

Yang Li: OK, I get it now! I'm after a pint of ale, please.

Barman: Of course, Li. This one's on the house! Shh... just don't tell the boss.

Yang Li: Cheers Finn (drinks).

Barman: While Li is drinking, let me tell you - if you're after more English slang expressions - keep listening to Authentic Real English 地道英語 and check out our website

Right, who's next?

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