Nosh 食物

更新時間 2013年 10月 15日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間10:58

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm Feifei.

Rob: Hello everyone, I'm Rob.

Feifei: Rob, 猜猜我剛才在電梯裏看見了誰?

Rob: (Not interested) Hmmm, lots of other people who work at the BBC?

Feifei: 哎呀,不是的。You』ll never guess...

Rob: (Still not interested) Probably not.

Feifei: 太激動了,我的心到現在還砰砰的跳個不停呢!

Rob: Come on Feifei, it's not like you have just been in a lift with Damien Lewis. So just calm down, we've got some work to do.

Feifei: (Even more excited) It was, it was Damien Lewis! 我還真是在電梯裏碰見了 Damien Lewis.

Rob: (Now interested) Really? What was he like?


What's your favourite nosh?

Feifei: He was wearing a light blue shirt and jeans! Very tall, and... he's just so handsome!

Rob: I bet! Did you say anything to him?

Feifei: No, 我太緊張了!不過我聽見他說什麼去錄節目之前 going for some 'nosh'. 我不太懂是什麼意思 what does that mean? What is 'nosh'?

Rob: In British English, 'to have some nosh' is a slang phrase which means to have some food or to have a meal. The word 'nosh' literally means 'food or a meal'.

Feifei: OK, I see. 原來他是說在錄節目之前先去吃點兒飯。Nosh 這個詞是個英語俚語表達,意思是食物或一頓飯。

Rob: Let's hear some examples on how to use the word 'nosh'.

  • Our canteen serves good nosh.
  • She likes her nosh.
  • Do you fancy a bit of nosh?
  • There was a lot of nosh at the party last night.

Feifei: 在上面例句中 nosh 是作為名詞使用的,這個詞還可以當動詞使用。Right, Rob?

Rob: Yes, that's right. If you 'nosh', you eat.

  • I like to nosh when I watch TV.
  • How can she ever lose weight? She noshes all the time!

Feifei: (Getting excited again) Hey Rob, 我突然特餓,do you mind finishing the programme? I』m just going to get some nosh from the canteen.

Rob: Is that so Feifei? I know why you are getting hungry...

Feifei: What do you mean? I'm just hungry. Will be back later, bye...

Rob: Errr, hold on... wait, wait for me, I might join you for some nosh too… (talking to himself) I hope Damien is still in the canteen.

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